• Foundation: Aainball Association of Jammu and Kashmir
  • President: Digvijay Parihar
  • Manager: Syed Haroon
  • Location: Jammu and Kashmir

Team Overview

Jammu and Kashmir, renowned globally for its breathtaking scenic beauty and apple farms, has gained recognition for the outstanding performance of its Aainball team. Under the astute guidance and leadership of Digvijay Parihar and Syed Haroon, the team has achieved remarkable success, a testament to their continuous efforts and commitment. Comprising diligent board members and, notably, skilled players, the state team has consistently showcased their talents at various Aainball championships. The 4th National Aainball Championship, hosted in Jammu and Kashmir, was a splendid affair, characterized by the exemplary efforts of the State Aainball Association. The team's relentless practice and extraordinary dedication have elevated it to one of the premier Aainball teams in the country. The players, adept athletes with profound knowledge of motor skills crucial to the game, have significantly contributed to the team's success.

As the state team readies itself for upcoming events, it not only prepares as an active participant but also assumes the role of a competent organizing authority. This multi-faceted approach underscores the team's commitment to excellence and sets the stage for continued success on both the national and international Aainball fronts.

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