• Foundation: Aainball Association of Andaman and Nicobar
  • President:
  • Manager:
  • Location: Andaman and Nicobar

Team Overview

The state has been a prolific contributor, producing some of the finest players in the realm of Aainball. Encompassing a cadre of exceptional athletes, highly qualified coaches, and diligent board members, the state's Aainball team stands as a formidable entity within the sporting domain. The team consistently participates in various tournaments, showcasing their prowess, and maintains a steadfast commitment to continued excellence in the future.

Renowned for its ability to nurture and produce top-tier talent, the state has become synonymous with excellence in Aainball. The presence of highly qualified coaches underscores the commitment to skill development and strategic prowess, crucial elements in the team's success.

The active participation of the team in numerous tournaments exemplifies their dedication to competitive excellence. This commitment to showcasing their skills on diverse platforms aligns with the state's sporting ethos. As the team looks ahead, the collective aspiration remains focused on sustained participation and success in upcoming tournaments.

The state's Aainball team, boasting exceptional players, adept coaches, and dedicated board members, is positioned for continued success in the dynamic landscape of Aainball. Their commitment to excellence and participation serves as a testament to the state's enduring impact on the sport.

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