• Foundation: Aainball Association of goa
  • President: Subhah Desai
  • Manager:
  • Location: Goa

Team Overview

Goa State has emerged as a noteworthy contributor to the field of Aainball, producing some of the finest players in the sport. The presence of highly skilled management members further enhances the state's standing, positioning it as a prominent participant in the Aainball scene in India. Under the adept guidance of President Subhash Desai, the team's players and members have exhibited commendable performance, both in the past and are poised to continue their success into the future.

The recognition of Goa's Aainball team as a source of top-tier players is indicative of the state's commitment to sporting excellence. The proficiency of the team is complemented by the astute management members who play a pivotal role in its prominence on the national Aainball stage. As Goa continues to assert its presence in Aainball, the combination of exceptional players, effective management, and visionary leadership positions the state's team as a force to be reckoned with in the competitive landscape of Aainball in India.

Latest News

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