• Foundation: Aainball Association of Andhra Pradesh
  • President: Ch Malik Arjun
  • Manager:
  • Location: Andhra Pradesh

Team Overview

Andhra Pradesh, the seventh-largest state in the country, commands a notable position among the elite Aainball teams. Renowned for its exceptional athletes, the state's team stands in the vanguard of excellence within the sport.

The unparalleled success of the team can be attributed to the collective diligence of key stakeholders, including the hardworking president, dedicated board members, and the most pivotal contributors – the players. Their unwavering commitment and industrious nature form the cornerstone of the team's achievements.

Under the leadership of a diligent president and the strategic guidance provided by the board members, the Andhra Pradesh Aainball team has solidified its standing among the best. The exceptional athletes, driven by a shared vision of success, contribute significantly to the team's prowess and achievements.

The success of the team is not merely a result of individual efforts but a testament to the seamless collaboration between the president, board members, and players. Their collective dedication, coupled with a commitment to hard work, positions the Andhra Pradesh Aainball team as a formidable contender in the competitive landscape.

As the team continues to strive for excellence, the collaborative spirit among its stakeholders remains pivotal to maintaining and advancing its position among the best in Aainball .

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