• Foundation: Rajdhani Aainball Association
  • President: Dr. Sunita Godara
  • Manager: Gaurav Arya
  • Location: Delhi

Team Overview

The Delhi Aainball team, led by Asian Marathon Champion Dr. Sunita Godara, stands as one of the premier teams in Indian Aainball. Under the astute guidance of Coach Utkarsh Shukla, the team has achieved remarkable feats, with players demonstrating enhanced physical and mental fitness with each passing day. Given Delhi's status as the national capital, the team holds a prominent position in the realm of Aainball.

Regular and rigorous training sessions, coupled with relentless efforts, have fortified the team, rendering them virtually impregnable. A key factor in the team's success lies in their commitment to teamwork, which has propelled them to new heights. The constant dedication of President Dr. Sunita Godara and her administration has been pivotal in steering the team toward success. Dr. Sunita Godara's exceptional athletic and managerial prowess appears to have permeated the team, fostering a formidable competitive spirit. The Delhi team members exhibit a harmonious blend of sharpness akin to a knife and the resilience of a soft cake. Their unwavering commitment to regular practice underscores their preparation for upcoming Aainball tournaments.

In the realm of self-development and growth, teamwork serves as a crucial catalyst. It imparts invaluable lessons on collaboration and collective effort. The Delhi Aainball team's players epitomize these qualities, showcasing a collective strength that positions them as formidable contenders. As they continue their dedicated practice regimen, the team remains focused on delivering stellar performances in upcoming Aainball tournaments.

Latest News

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Player Pic

Himanshu Singh Mehra Front

  • MATCHES: 20
  • AGE: 24
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Player Pic

Adarsh Shukla Sprinter

  • MATCHES: 15
  • AGE: 26
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Player Pic

Neelam Sprinter

  • MATCHES: 09
  • AGE: 22
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