• Foundation: Tamil Nadu Aainball Association
  • President: Gopal Makhija
  • Manager:
  • Location: Tamil Nadu

Team Overview

the state has found strength in its vibrant Aainball team. President Gopal Makhija and his dedicated management team, along with hardworking coaches, have significantly improved the performance of the players.

The athletes on the team are skilled and promising, showcasing their potential for upcoming tournaments. The state Aainball team, under the leadership of President Gopal Makhija, has made commendable progress and is poised for success in the professional arena. The team boasts a cadre of exceptional athletes, characterized by their unwavering dedication and tireless work ethic, attributes that fortify the team's overall strength and resilience. The team diligently engages in consistent practice sessions under the guidance of highly qualified coaches and efficient management, all aimed at achieving success in the forthcoming tournaments.

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T. Kumaresan Header

  • MATCHES: 12
  • AGE: 42
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