• Foundation: Aainball Association of Mizoram
  • President:
  • Manager:
  • Location: Mizoram

Team Overview

The Mizoram Aainball team has demonstrated a remarkable and rapid ascent in performance within a concise timeframe. The team boasts a collection of exceptional footballers, volleyball players, and athletes, collectively forming a robust and impregnable force in the realm of Aainball. The team's commitment to regular practice sessions underscores their dedication to honing skills and optimizing performance in anticipation of upcoming tournaments. Notably, the team is fortified by a cadre of top-tier coaches, further elevating its standing in the competitive landscape. The team's diligence is evident in their regular and disciplined practice routine, reflecting a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. This proactive approach ensures that the team remains well-prepared for the challenges posed by upcoming tournaments, reinforcing it reputation for high-performance standards.

The presence of highly skilled coaches is a crucial factor in the team's success. Their expertise and strategic guidance further enhance the players' capabilities, contributing to the overall strength and proficiency of the Mizoram Aainball team

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