• Foundation: Aainball Association of Maharashtra
  • President: Rupesh Patil
  • Manager: Charulata Suryawanshi
  • Location: Maharashtra

Team Overview

The Maharashtrian Aainball team has consistently distinguished itself as one of the most formidable and robust teams in the national Aainball arena. The unwavering dedication and hardworking ethos of the players contribute significantly to the team's ongoing strengthening and improvement.

Under the leadership of President Rupesh Patil and his diligent team, continuous efforts are being invested in the holistic enhancement of the team. This dedicated approach aims at fostering a culture of continuous improvement and achieving excellence in the sport. The team's commitment to regular and systematic betterment is evident in their day-to-day endeavors.

Notably, the Maharashtrian team boasts some of the finest athletes, characterized by exceptional motor skills. This cadre of exceptional athletes not only adds to the overall strength of the team but also positions them as one of the premier entities in the Aainball landscape. Their prowess, combined with relentless efforts, serves to elevate the team's standing and competitiveness.

President Rupesh Patil and his team play a pivotal role in steering the course of the team's progress. Their continuous and collective efforts are geared towards maintaining and enhancing the team's position as one of the strongest in the country. As they persistently work towards the betterment of the team, the Maharashtrian Aainball squad stands poised for continued success and recognition in the realm of competitive sports.

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Prajwal Shende Footer

  • MATCHES: 17
  • AGE: 23
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Shivdatt Kushwaha Hand

  • MATCHES: 11
  • AGE: 21
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