• Foundation: Gujarat
  • President: Harikrishna Patel
  • Manager: Vipulbhai
  • Location: Gujarat

Team Overview

  1. Harmonious Fusion of Primary Colors: The visual aspect of Aainball is highlighted by a harmonious fusion of primary colors. This could contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the game, possibly enhancing the overall experience for participants and spectators.

  2. Stimulation of Brain Cells: The use of primary colors is mentioned to stimulate various brain cells, suggesting a potential cognitive benefit. This could enhance concentration levels among players, making the sport mentally engaging.

  3. Family-Oriented Game: Aainball is designed as a family-oriented game, making it inclusive for participants of all age groups. This emphasis on family involvement reinforces values of unity and togetherness.

  4. Coordination, Concentration, and Diverse Sports Skills: Aainball seems to require a combination of skills, including coordination, concentration, and various sports skills. This could make it a well-rounded and challenging sport that appeals to a wide range of individuals.

  5. Precise Distancing: The mention of precise distancing suggests that players need to maintain specific distances from each other during the game. This requirement could contribute to the strategic and skill-based nature of Aainball.

  6. Elimination of Direct Rivalry or Physical Contact: A notable feature of Aainball is the absence of direct rivalry or physical contact. This sets it apart from many traditional sports and may appeal to those who prefer non-contact activities or seek to minimize the risk of injuries.

  7. Contactless Game for Minimizing Sports-Related Injuries: Aainball is described as a contactless game, emphasizing safety by minimizing the risk of sports-related injuries. This safety aspect may attract individuals who are concerned about the physical risks associated with certain sports.

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